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You may also find the complex search (including truncation and search for author names) helpful.
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Powered by EXTRAKT - an extension to LIBERO

Help for Simple Search:
The Simple search is not case sensitive.
Conjunction of search terms: Multiple search terms are automatically combined with the operator AND. Additionally you can use the operator OR to enhance your results.

Help for Enriched Search : Terms submitted for Enriched Search are analysed by a linguistic engine. This engine generates all variants of the search term and therefore the result set will contain documents with the original term and those with the variants. You can search for "child" and the search will be enriched by "children".
If you cannot find German characters you can use ae for ä, oe for ö, ue for ü and ss for ß. For specific French characters you can simply skip the accents. In contrast to the Simple Search, you should NOT use wildcards, because this will not enhance your results. With German as a source language the compounds will be split into its constituents and they are added to the original search. A search for "Magersucht" will in fact be a search for "Magersucht AND mager OR Sucht". Every word is looked up for synonyms and derivations. If activated, also translations are displayed. You can add them to your search. These enrichments can be added by a logical OR or a logical AND, by clicking on the specific buttons.

The Enriched Search uses the linguistic engine EXTRAKT.

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